About Tara

Whether it’s writing blogs, sharing knowledge on Instagram or creating content for my clients, making information accessible and inclusive are running themes in all that I do.

Fun fact: I’ve been writing online for over a decade.

The first blog I ever created was for an A-Level project and I discovered I had a real knack for it. I continued to blog all throughout my studies and stumbled upon my first writing gig whilst searching through the ‘film’ tag on Tumblr. After submitting part of my dissertation and writing a few pieces on film, I landed myself a regular writing job.

Once I figured out I was essentially writing for a content farm, I left but my love for writing continued. I continued to work in the film and television industry, but I started to write about more personal topics. As I became more involved on social media and grew my platform, I founded a lifestyle blog called Cattitude & Co. The site was hailed for unapologetic content that focused on feminism, sex, periods as well as other ‘taboo’ topics. As the years went by, I documented things I was up to, product recommendations, opinions on the industry, and even my journey into veganism. Whatever the topic, my blog was a place for people looking for frank discussion on topics that we’re taught to be ashamed of. I’m proud of the conversations my posts started and the journey it has since led me on.

During this time, I became disillusioned with the industry I was working in. Finding it hard to progress beyond production assisting, I soon found myself more interested in how studios marketed the finished product. In need of a career change and gaining more insight into the world of social media every day, I decided to pursue a job in digital marketing. After successfully founding and building multiple successful websites and vibrant communities through blogging, I joined an experiential marketing agency ready to jump in and find my calling. Although I was able to build on skills such as content creation, social strategy and copywriting, things didn’t quite work out. An unexpected redundancy pushed me to continue working in this field. I have been working as a Freelance Social Media Manager and Writer ever since!

I have experience working with a range of different sized organisations within multiple sectors. My clients range from up and coming lifestyle and beauty brands to charities dedicated to bettering the lives of marginalised communities. I have worked with small businesses and helped them established a social strategy. I’ve assisted big brands that are household names with influencer marketing and helped entrepreneurs create a presence online. Whether it’s day-to-day or campaign focused, no day is the same and that’s what has kept me in this field all this time.

Throughout my freelance career, I have been fortunate enough to continue writing. I have written about topics like menstruation, feminism, sex and relationships, and culture for outlets including Metro, Hello Giggles, The Huffington Post and Playboy online. I’m also an ACET-accredited educator who focuses on discussing periods in a shame-free and inclusive way. My aim is to make periods less scary and easier to talk about. I run an educational website and my debut book, Red Moon Gang: An Inclusive Guide to Periods, was published March 2021.


  • Published the world’s first gender-neutral guide to periods!
  • One of the people who led the viral response to the controversial Protein World advertising campaign in tube stations, which received a lot of media coverage and was the subject of various university lectures. It landed me a spot on Stylist’s ‘Fearless Feminists of 2015’ list. It also prompted the mayor of London to ban all body-shaming media from the London Underground.
  • Founded multiple award-winning (and losing!) blogs; in 2015 I was shortlisted for ‘Best Relationship & Sex blog’ at Cosmopolitan’s Blog Awards and shortlisted again the following year for ‘Best Sex & Relationships Influencer’
  • In 2016, at the UK Blog Awards, a blog I co-founded picked up ‘highly commended’ within the ‘Education’ category

For more unapologetic opinions & musings, you can find me on Twitter, or Instagram. For inclusive, accessible and shame-free period talk, visit redmoongang.com