My first piece for Metro is now live

Earlier this month, news broke about UK-based startup DAME and their reusable tampon applicator. After joining the discussion about this product online I noticed many couldn’t understand the need for such an item, so I wrote about why I think it’s a good idea for Metro.

You can read the piece here.

My Response to Mensez Has Gone Viral

A  chiropractor has attempted to patent a way for women to ‘stop menstrual leaking’. The idea manifests in a form of a lipstick that essentially allows you to ‘glue’ your vulva shut. I, of course, had a lot to say about this!

I wrote a post about why this is a ridiculous, sexist and quite frankly dangerous idea for a product. My response has gone viral on Twitter and my tweets have even been included in a post on Cosmopolitan.



My First Piece For HelloGiggles Is Now Live

I recently did something I’ve wanted to do for a  very long time and finally pitched to HelloGiggles!

It’s a very cathartic piece about friendship breakups and I’m so glad it’s resonated with so many, including none other than Paramore’s Hayley Williams:

How cool is that!

Read my personal essay here.


My Post That Aims To Destigmatize Vaginal Discharge Has Gone Viral

After seeing a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother ridiculed on national television for having dirty underwear (read: not ‘dirty’, just containing discharge) and seeing a disheartening response online, I felt inspired to write about vaginal discharge. After all, it’s a natural bodily function.

I’m pleased to see the response has mostly been positive. It’s been shared in a number of period related Facebook groups and pages (including one of my favourites, Put A Cup In It) and my page views are at an all time high!

The comments on my original post give me hope too, which you can read here.